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Strategic Locations

Enjoy easy access to and from all major locations in the city whenever you see a Zodiak Hotel.

Friendly Rates

Quality accommodations combined with friendly rates makes Zodiak Hotels an ideal choice for everyone.

Easy Bookings

Book online whenever and wherever you want in Zodiak Hotels with KAGUM Smart Booking.

Great Value Stay

Individual, family, friends, or groups: all can enjoy affordable great value stay with Zodiak Hotels.

Our Hotels

Zodiak Paskal - Bandung

The first Bandung Hotel under the brand Zodiak Hotes. Zodiak Pasirkaliki Hotel Bandung features a budget Hotel concept that does not trade quality for affordability. This is a Bandung Hotel where you can always find good value offers to enjoy, no matter who you are and your reasons to visiting the city.

Zodiak Sutami - Bandung

Zodiak Sutami Hotel Bandung offers a great value Hotel experience featuring a combination of strategic location, friendly and affordable rates, personalized warm services, and great quality facilities and amenities. If you are looking for a Hotel with great balance of budget and quality, seek no further.

Zodiak Asia Afrika - Bandung

Featuring a Bandung Hotel designed to deliver high quality experience for price conscious guests, Zodiak Asia Afrika Hotel Bandung is a new benchmark for a Hotel experience featuring a seamless integration of affordability and quality. This Hotel is ready to become your preferred Hotel in Bandung.

Zodiak Kebon Kawung - Bandung

Where simplicity meet quality, featuring not only a blend of minimalistic and modern style designs that will please your senses, but also a selection of high quality facilities and guest rooms so that you can always enjoy a great value experience in Zodiak Kebon Kawung Hotel Bandung.

Zodiak Kebon Jati - Bandung

Enjoy quality stay in great Hotel rooms in Zodiak Kebon Jati Hotel Bandung, all of which offered at very friendly rates. This Hotel is an excellent choice for quick-stay guests, price-conscious guests, or any other guest looking for great value offers for their money.

Zodiak MT Haryono - Jakarta

Jakarta has plenty of Hotels, but the ones that truly offer great value experience for your money is plenty hard to find. Welcome to Zodiak MT. Haryono Hotel Jakarta; friendly, affordable rates and a quality Hotel rooms for you to enjoy, our Hotel is always a great-value choice for a Jakarta Hotel stay.